For Online-Bookings, the following terms and conditions apply:
  1. The accomodation contract ("Beherbergungsvertrag" § 305 German Civil Code) is considered to be valid after the mediator or the Hotel/service provider has confirmed the booking in writing. After this, both contract parties are obligated to fulfill the contract, independent of the agreed duration of a stay. 
  2. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the location of the Hotel. 
  3. Prices

  4. If not stated otherwise, any cure tax of respective places is not included in the price. The financial arrangements are made directly between guest and the respective hotel. 
We do recommend having a travel insurance for your travel in Germany. 

Our presentations in the Internet serve the purpose of furthering our business and for giving information. We would like to point out that we are only mediators between guest and host. Any false information or service not provided by the respective hotel/provider, can not be used as reason for liability claims against the mediator. 

Date: July 1996. Subject to change. 

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